Pure, Soft Merino Wool

Whitburn® Wool has been around for over 50-years and is a recognised name in the local industry due to the quality and consistency of the wool fibre and product produced. Our sheep are bred specifically to produce the highest quality and quantity of merino wool. 

Rearing and breeding our own merino sheep allows us to ensure production of over a thousand bales of premium, high-grade wool every year. From our farmland to their feed, we never stop improving our processes to deliver a constantly quality product.

Our merino sheep produce wool which is pure, white and soft with a 20 micron wool average. A premium fibre, our merino boasts lots of length and fibre alignment, and is a crimpy and stylish, not flat, wool product. As it is a natural fibre, merino doesn’t require a high level of processing or damaging pesticides – and doesn’t break down like cotton, making it an ideal, natural and durable alternative. 

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Whitburn® Wool is open to purchasers in industries such as clothing/textile manufacturers or wholesale partners who are looking for a reliable supply of high-grade merino wool.

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A leading operation in Western Australia, covering 15,378 hectares in the Boyup Brook, Arthur River and Kojonup shires.

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