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After breeding for a number of years, we now have over 800 breeders from Coonabull and Spring Hill bloodlines in our pure Angus herd.

Our aim is to produce weaner calves to 330kg live weight, and we sell all our steer calves to feed lot. We are always looking to build new annual partnerships with feed lotters and for steer calves and weaner heifers – grown out to 500kg+.


We are highly selective with every stud purchase and are proud of the level of genetic quality we have achieved in our livestock. When carefully choosing our Bulls, some of the key attributes we are looking for are great structure, low birth weight and fast growth rates. 

Our local Coonamble stud comes from Bremer Bay – known as the top stud in the state for Angus through their time-tested genetics. 

Another top-performing stud, Spring Hill Angus are a selectively-bred herd sourced from a range of highly respected Angus Stud Breeders. 

Our studs come from stud cattle which have been Parent Verified and Herd Book Registered –  the highest verification offered by Angus Australia for seedstock recording.

Pasture to Product

All Rhodes Pastoral cattle are run separately from our sheep operations to keep them disease free – ensuring sustainability of production for the long term. All cattle are meticulously tracked and reported on so our team knows exactly where they have been and their health status at all times, giving us total oversight of all operations. 

Good pastures and quality feed are critical to the health and quality of our cattle – and developing both is the key to how we achieve consistent success with our stock. They grow and graze on prime pastures, are fed our own specially-developed feedmix and drink water of the purest quality.  We never stop working to improve our production methods; agriculture is always changing so we adapt and refine our operations on a year-to-year basis.

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A leading operation in Western Australia, covering 15,378 hectares in the Boyup Brook, Arthur River and Kojonup shires.

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