Complete Quality & Breeding Control

With sustainable growth and quality control a focus of everything we do here at Rhodes Pastoral. Control over our White Suffolk stud stock was a natural development. 

After many successful years of fulfilling our own breeding requirements. We are now able to offer structurally sound, uncomplicated, fast-growing, fertile and paddock-ready commercially focused rams. Crossbred lamb breeding with close attention to birth weights, as well as, monitoring and testing eating quality.

How It Began

Boree Park was registered in 2017, when the need arose for Rhodes Pastoral’s farming operation to expand its commercial operation. With the purchase of mated ewes from Millswyn stud Victoria and Langley Heights NSW.

Our requirement of 40 or more replacement White Suffolk rams per year, meant breeding our own a was a natural step. Allowing our team to continue with the goal of breeding rams specifically for commercial needs. Each year, Boree Park mates around 9,000 merinos which are selected for wool quality and frame size, to our White Suffolk’s. The ram breeding program focuses on ewe survival, with low birth weights, rapid growth and fertility, being other key attributes.

White Suffolk ewes and lambs

White Suffolk – Stock Expansion

Rhodes Pastoral has now successfully expanded its Boree Park stock, purchasing one of Western Australia’s oldest White Suffolk studs – Ida Vale stud’s ewe flock.   

Founded in 1985, the Ida Vale name built a strong reputation. Producing excellent sheep with a long history of carefully selected genetic breeding. Purchasing a line of ewes, as impeccable as the Ida Vale ewes, now enables our Boree Park Team to boost our own stud flock numbers and genetics. We will continue to build on that genetic gain and good work, the previous owners undertook with the White Suffolk flock.

Boree Park Studs – White Suffolk’s Breeding

With genetics being the key to all operations, Boree Park will be looking to source the best available sires and semen from around Australia. We are aiming to improve and grow the White Suffolk breed.

We genomics DNA test all the lambs born, to provide good scientific information on each individual animal. This process helps aid in the selection process for commercial and stud operations. While the focus is on commercial operations, there will be a selection of very high quality rams available for stud purchase each year.

Our team at Boree Park Stud are excited to announce, our inaugural sale, being held on the 10th October. We look forward to sharing with the sheep industry our results.

We are open for inspection in July but if you would like to view our operations, rams or ewes. Or meet our team and discuss what our genetics can do for your farming system, you are welcome to contact us.

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White Suffolk Ewes

White Suffolk Ewes drinking at the dam

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